This Week Around Gateway

Sunday 2/19
10:00am – Morning Service & Classes for children 6 weeks through 6th Grade
  6:00pm – Corporate Prayer
  7:00pm – Evening Service *nursery provided for up to 3 years

Tuesday 2/21
6:30pm – Lavonia Gideon Group at Brannen's Floral Design

Wednesday 2/22
7:00pm – Classes for all ages
7:00pm – Carnesville Gideon Group at Gateway Believers Fellowship
7:00pm – Royston Gideon Group at Linda Frederick's home

Thursday 2/23
6:30pm – Hartwell Gideon Group at Tammy Sander's home
6:30pm – Royston Kids Gideon Group at Ekklesia Center
6:30pm – Canon Gideon Group at Canon Community Center
7:00pm – Toccoa Gideon Group at the Toccoa Community Center

Friday 2/24
7:00pm – Oasis *dinner served

Saturday 2/25
9:00am – Corporate Prayer

Upcoming Events:
100 Envelopes CHOSEN Fundraiser
It's time again to start our annual 100 Envelopes Fundraiser for CHOSEN Youth Camp. Envelopes are in the foyer ready for you to give to this life-changing youth camp. Each envelope has a number 1 through 100 written on it. You just take the envelope with the number you want to give, put in cash or check for that amount, write your information on the front, and drop it in the offering bucket. Take as many envelopes as you'd like to add up to the amount that's in your heart to give! This fundraiser is designed to allow each and every member of the church give toward this powerful youth event. Don't miss out on helping change a teenager's life forever!