Gideon's Groups

We're starting the Gideon's Groups Bible Study for adults this week! Below are the locations, days, and times for each group. If you are a Gateway member, please join the group in your area to help it grow and be successful. You can call the church office or the Gideon Group Leader for more details.

City             Leaders                      Day               Time          Location
Lavonia        Larry & Lisa Brannen   Tuesdays       6:30 pm      Brannen's Floral Design

Carnesville    Anessa Back             Wednesdays   7:00 pm      Gateway Believers Fellowship

Royston        Linda Frederick          Wednesdays   7:00 pm      Linda Frederick's house

Canon          Ronda Sullivan           Thursdays       6:30 pm      Canon Community Center

Hartwell        Tananarive Singleton   Thursdays       6:30 pm     Tammy Sander's house

Toccoa         Pastor Bill Avant        Thursdays       7:00 pm      Toccoa Community Center