Gateway Transport is a service ministry commissioned by God to fulfill His command to “Go get the children.” Our mission is to provide safe, reliable transportation for children and adults to and from Gateway Believers Fellowship.

The drivers and workers are Godly servants who are committed to fulfilling the vision of Gateway and are willing to lay down their lives for the work of the ministry. They are men and women who truly love and care for the children they pick up every week. They become invested in the children’s lives and families, praying for needs presented to them and offering help when possible.

Each week, the love of God is manifested through these dedicated workers as they go out after their precious cargo. They go above and beyond to make sure that no one who wants to ride is left behind, sometimes splitting routes or even calling a spouse to come get children in their personal vehicle when a van is too full. God has faithfully provided drivers and vehicles every time we have needed a new route or new driver because we had too many children for one van.

Many children ride to church in rebellion because their Mother makes them. Many come for the candy and prizes. Some come to see what those “church people” are teaching their siblings. Most who come every week do so because our workers care enough about them to go get them. Even though many kids have come and gone, there is a remnant of those who have caught the vision of Gateway and stayed. Those children have grown up into workers themselves who have taken the mandate to “Go get the children” and are committed to taking it on to the generations to come.

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