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“To create an atmosphere, through music, in which God is glorified and the needs of the people are met supernaturally.”

This is our mission statement. It’s the whole purpose behind everything we do. Music is a powerful tool that can usher in the presence of God. It can open up and connect to the soul in a way that nothing else can. We use music in our services to facilitate this connection to God, and not to entertain. Our worship services are prophetic and we follow Holy Ghost rather than a set song list or order of service.

The Praise Team is composed of sound technicians, singers and musicians, all with a heart for worshipping God. We don’t see it as a “platform ministry” but as a calling. It’s not just something that we do, it’s who we are. Worship is not just notes on a page, it’s a lifestyle.

As with everything else at our church, we do things a little differently when it comes to joining the Praise Team. We don’t hold auditions. We don’t do “special songs” or any of the things you might be used to seeing in local churches in this area. We have very strict criteria for joining the Praise Team. First and foremost, we look for people who are committed to the vision at Gateway. Everyone on our team is a tried and true son of the house. Skill and talent is secondary to dedication, passion and commitment. Anyone interested in learning more about becoming part of the Praise Team can simply talk to any of the team members.

We take the call of the psalmist very seriously. Every member of our team can testify that some of our greatest breakthroughs have come through worship. Every single service is an opportunity for someone to experience God on a greater level than they ever have before. And that is our focus every time we step out to minister, whether in a regular worship service, at the Oasis tent ministry or whatever outreach where we are assigned.

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Sunday Morning
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (Redman/Redman)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin/Cash/Reeves)
I Exalt Thee (Sanchez)
Offering: There's Just Something About That Name (Gaither/Gaither)


Sunday Morning
All Things are Possible (Zschech)
Unchanging (Tomlin)
God Will Never Change (GBF)
Offering: I Love Your Presence (Clarke/Lane)

Sunday Evening
Revolution (GBF)
God With Us (GBF)
Closer (Cook)
As I Wait (GBF)
Offering: God is Building His House (GBF)


Sunday Morning
You Are Good (All the Time) (GBF)
I'm Trading My (Free From All) Sorrows (Evans, adapted by GBF)
When I Think About the Lord (Huey)
Special Song: He'll Do It Again (Wheaton)
Offering: Psalm 23 (GBF)

Sunday Evening
Forever God is Faithful (Tomlin)
Let It Rise (Davis)
Holy (Gilman, Hurdlebrink/Yates)
Offering: God is Building His House (GBF)


Sunday Morning
Blessed Be the Name (Redman/Redman)
Jesus Might God (Founds)
Because of Who You Are (Munizzi)
You Alone (Harris)
Offering: He'll Do It Again (Wheaton)

Sunday Evening
Shout Hallelujah (Holmes)
The Cause (GBF)
Change My Heart Oh God (Kerr)
Spirit of the Lord (Houghton)
Come Holy Spirit (Sasser/Harrison)
Offering: Psalm 23 (GBF)


Sunday Morning
Shout! (Munizzi)
I'm trading My Sorrows (Evans, adapted by GBF)
He'll Do It Again (Wheaton)
Offering: You Are Good (Jobe)

Sunday Evening
Everything That Has Breath (Morgan)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin, Cash, Reeves)
You Are Great (Hellmark)
Offering: All Things Are Possible (Zschech)


Sunday Morning
Holy Spirit Rain Down (Fragar)
Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here (Torwalt)
Holy of Holies (Davis)
I'm Free From All Sorrows (adapted from I'm Trading My Sorrows Evans)

Sunday Morning
Unchanging (Tomlin)
You Are Awesome in This Place (Billington)
In the Secret Place (My All) (Webb)

Sunday Morning
Lift Up the Name of Jesus
Sing My Love (McMillian/McMillian)
There's Just Something About That Name (Gaither/Gaither)
Break Every Chain (Reagan)

Sunday Morning
Forever God is Faithful (Tomlin)
God Will Never Change (GBF)
He'll Do It Again (Wheaton)
Offering Song: I Love Your Presence (Johnson)

Sunday Morning
This is the Day (Shelton)
Let Everything That Has Breath (Morgan)
All I Want to Do (GBF)
You Are Awesome in This Place (Billingham)
Offering Song: Psalm 23 (GBF)

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