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Hello everyone!

As you know, we recorded our live CD on Saturday, September 28th. The Praise Team wants to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to worship with us and lend your supply to this project! We know that what we do is not about making pretty songs, it's about facilitating the corporate anointing – and that's something we CANNOT do without you! So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking your Saturday night and giving it to the cause!

I've had a few people already ask me when the CD will be ready for them to buy, so I thought I'd give everyone an update on our post-production progress.

Recording the CD is the easy part (especially when you record the whole thing live in one shot, like we did). The hard part comes after the recording is over - it's called Post Production and includes Mixing, Mastering, and finally making the physical CD's, inserts and cases. Right now, our illustrious sound engineer, Eric Back, is working hard on Mixing the recording to make sure every voice and instrument sounds its best and all sounds great mixed together. This process can take anywhere from 8-16 hours per song. Multiply that by 9 songs, and the fact that Eric is doing this in the evenings and weekends when he's not at work or at church... and it's going to take a little while :)

Once the Mix is done, we'll get the album Mastered - which is (to put it in as simple of terms as possible) a process of punching up certain frequencies so that the CD will sound good no matter what you play it on; a CD player, car stereo, computer drive, whatever. Once that is done, we'll have to finalize the artwork and write-ups that will go on the case and the inserts in the CD. Then we have to actually make the CD's and assemble the cases.

So, my answer to your questions of "When will the CD be done?" is... I don't really know! All I can say for sure is that we're working as hard as we can to get it done as soon as we can. And I promise to keep you updated whenever more information is available.

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