The Power of Fellowship

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Our Praise Team had our 2nd annual Labor Day Pool Party yesterday. And today, as I was praying for these wonderful people I have the pleasure to work with every week, I was struck with the importance of fellowship. There was a time when we were so "purpose driven" that we refused to have fellowship just for the sake of fellowship. There always had to be some underlying reason for us to get together: some problem we needed to work on, some particular person or issue or something that needed to be targeted.

Thank God that He is always moving us from glory to glory, from one level of being, thinking, and acting like Him to another and another. We know more about unity and brotherly love today than we did a few years ago. And if I'm sure of anything, I'm sure that a few years from now we'll look back and say the same thing, "Thank God we're not where we once were!"

We know now that simple fellowship – just spending time together with no agendas, no deadlines, no objectives and goals – is a key to true unity. Sure our ministry brings us together too, but if the only shared experiences you have together is working, striving, struggling and pushing, it's easy to fall into a mindset of fault finding, comparing, and nit-picking, which all lead eventually to jealousy, murmuring and strife. You HAVE to have the shared down times to balance everything out. It's in these times of fellowship we learn to appreciate and enjoy each other. We all know the value of "inside jokes". Well, the moments that create these sorts of bonds cannot be scripted and planned out in a corporate retreat setting. In fact, planning out every moment and scripting all communication will squash any opportunity for these real moments to happen.

So I say again, never underestimate the power of fellowship just for the sake of fellowship!

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