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G.O. Ministry Report

March 22, 2014


5 Salvations

21 Food bags given 

24 people prayed for 

Knocked on 29 doors

Number of people interested in Oasis 19  

Candy given to 11 kids

Hospital visits 2  

12 door knockers left for those who weren’t at home


March 29, 2014


People prayed for 4

Doors knocked on 21

Bags of Food given out 12

Actions Behind Your Words

Lately the word faith has been mentioned a lot at church in prayer and sermons. It's made me stop and think, "How much faith do I have in God? "How much do I REALLY trust Him to work in my life? We can all say that we trust God and we have faith in Him and in every area of our life. But faith without works is dead. You have to put some action behind your words. I know I've had to challenge myself to put some actions behind my words. And when you have people in your life that won't let you slack with your actions, you know you can't hide in the background.