Tomatoes and the Anointing

It's funny what we take for granted. For instance, if you live in Northeast Georgia like we do, you take for granted that you will be able to eat tomato sandwiches every day from June to August if you want to. Homegrown tomatoes are everywhere this time of year. They're at roadside stands, farmers' markets, grocery stores, and in friends' gardens. I can't grow tomatoes, myself, so I get blessed by the overflow from those friends who can. It's so easy to get used to having fresh, juicy tomatoes any time you want... until you go somewhere that doesn't have tomatoes. 

I just got back from Seattle where food is in abundance. There are organic, farm fresh fruits and veggies everywhere. I ate fingerling potatoes dug fresh from the dirt and ate salads from lettuce growing right out in the garden. We ate an amazing and delicious variety of the freshest food you could imagine... but no tomatoes. I was so surprised by the number of fruitless tomato plants I saw everywhere. Why? Because tomatoes need lots of sun, and the sunny season in Seattle doesn't really get started until July. I was shocked by that, and I realized how fortunate I am to live where tomatoes grow easily (except in my yard) and in abundance.

Okay, so you're probably thinking I got the wrong blog site and what in the world do tomatoes have to do with church or spiritual issues? Well, I'll tell you... not everyone has what we have. You can grow so accustomed to having something in abundance that you forget how valuable it really is. Maybe you stop being impressed by how much spiritual fruit is popping up in the lives of all the people around you. Healing and deliverence might become commonplace. A powerful sermon and an anointed prayer line could become yawners for you if you get so used to them that you stop celebrating them. Sometimes, one of the best things you can do is go away to a place where what you have does not exist. When you see that other people don't have what you have, then... realize just how priceless and precious what you have really is and you stop taking what you have for granted.

When I walked back into the sanctuary at Gateway on the Sunday morning after my trip, I realized how much I had missed the corporate anointing and the apostolic ministry we have here. I missed worshipping my God with my church family. I felt, in my spirit, revivied and refreshed in a powerful way just by walking through the doors. There isn't a place like Gateway anywhere close to where my family lives in Seattle. Nothing. I forget sometimes that not everyone has the opportunity to sit under a powerful ministry like ours.... and I'm thankful. I'm very thankful for Gateway and the anointing that is unique to this house.

After my vacation, I'm determined more than ever NOT to take what I have for granted... not in the spirit and not  in the natural. Now for a tomato sandwich!!


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trent mcelroy's picture

you nailed that on the head sister. amen and amen

thank you for sharing that thought, and i know exactly how you feel. try being away for ten months. i came to gateway just enough to experience the very anointing your talking about but i didnt apply what i learned imediatly because im very hard headed but after bumping this ol hard noggin a few more times and when i had had enough i woke up (sobered up) here in columbia. dont get me wrong, ive learned so much about recovery, myself, and being a discipile and i thank God daily for allowing me to get better so He can use me in His Kingdom while here in columbia, but i sow nuff miss dem tomaters back at gateway. God allways shows up at that house and ive never experienced that type of anointing anywhere else and cant wait to feel it again so just a word to anybody who thinks or says there tired of them tomatoes, just try going without them for awhile and you will see how much your missing where you should be (under the power of the apostolic anointing that Holy Ghost has on you all) keep up the disipline and love that your showing everybody that you guys witness to for our lords mighty kingdom.