~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."
God knows the beginning and the end. We must know the season we are in, if we don't it will leave us confused and sometimes even angry with God. Timing and seasons are important. We must learn to accept God's timing in our lives. If we do not it can lead us into rebellion, despair, or moving ahead when we don't need to.

There are natural seasons and spiritual seasons in our lives. Also there is a natural timing and a spiritual timing in our lives. In winter it seems as if everything is dead. Leaves fall off, limbs break. Limbs of brokenness, poverty, abuse, insecurity, and failure begin to fall off. Spring is time for cleansing, new growth, stretching, planting, rooting out, pruning and moving forward into things He has called us to.

We all know that summer is a dry month. We have dry times in the spirit also. What I mean by this is when you are stuck and not moving anywhere. I just came through such a place as this. I thought, "My Lord, am I ever going to get to the next level." Needless to say I finally broke this after much blood, sweat, and tears in prayer. We just have to know God is a God of breakthrough and as apostolic people we are a breakthrough people.
Fall is a time of changing and being transformed. Just like the leaves change during fall, we also change in the spirit realm. As we behold Him we are changed into His image. Just know as we follow Him and allow His process to work through us we will become as He is.
Apostle David has always said, "If you just keep showing things will change. "

~ Tammy Sanders
Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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