Thank You Precious Enemy

Thank you, precious enemy, for all of the good you've done.

I'm learning how to judge myself. I want to be more like the son!

My friends would never hurt me. They would never say the things you've said.

But thanks to you, dear enemy, this old flesh is dead.

Jesus has so many friends. They love him more than life.

He also had an enemy, full of bitterness and strife.

There had to be that enemy to nail our saviour to a tree.

There has to be someone like you, to crucify me like you do.

I'm finding strength where I've been weak.

I'm learning how to think, then speak.

So please, dear enemy, don't stop yet.

All of my goals have not been met.

I'm striving for a place divine, where Fathers ways are also mine.


~Connie Robinson


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