Stir It Up

I heard it said, "If we're going to take any ground, it has to be taken in prayer first." As believers we have a job to do. We must continue pressing our way into this new territory we have entered in. We have been given one of the greatest gifts of all, the Holy Spirit.

He is our teacher. He comes along side of us to help get rid of the filthiness of the flesh. The things that stop us from walking in the power of God, like selfishness, hate, strife, lusts for wrong things, unforgiveness, or lying. Our flesh fights us every step of the way. We have been the way we are for many years. As we pray in Holy Ghost, He comes along side of us to purge out all those things.

You've all heard Apostle David say, "Whatever you do, don't quit." Just pick up where you left off and keep pressing. Stir up that gift on the inside of you. Rekindle that flame! Let the passion of God burn on the inside of you.

~Tammy Sanders
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