Stand Firm

Sometimes it may seem like you are the only one standing on what you believe is right and what you believe is God. I have been struggling with this very thing for a while now. I went through a period of thinking that I was going crazy because how could I be the only one who sees this situation a certain way. I started praying that God would change me and how I felt about it since I must be wrong. The problem must be me.

Well, this is how I went on for weeks and months, but somewhere deep in my spirit I knew what I believed was God no matter who else thought so. It was very hard because it brought conflict and pain in some relationships and just made me feel more distant from a lot of people and things that I really care about.  I went in the prayer line recently because I was just tired of the fight within myself about this whole situation and God spoke to me giving me the answer I had longed to hear but knew in my heart.

There will be times when you are the only one who is willing to stand and fight for what you know is God. As long as you stand firm, God will never let you down no matter how rough it gets. Just hearing one word makes all the difference. It didn't matter anymore if I was the only one, once I heard His voice and knowing that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. You or your beliefs won't always be popular with the world or even other believers. Don't assume that everyone you trust is going to give you the right advice. Sometimes you have to just rely on what you know you know for yourself.  Listen to your spirit, stand firm, and leave the rest to God.


~Michelle Parrish

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