Servant Angels

This past week I've been reading in the book of Judges, particularly about the story of Gideon. Gideon was the least in his family, who was the least in their tribe in the nation of Israel. He was the low man on the totem pole. He was so afraid of the oppressing Midianites stealing his wheat, that he was threshing his wheat in a wine press. Yet God sent an angel to tell Gideon that he was a mighty man of valor who would deliver his people from the hand of the Midianites.

Many of you know the story, but as I kept reading, something struck me. God commanded Gideon to destroy the idols of his father. To do this, Gideon went in the middle of the night with his ten most loyal servants and destroyed the idols...

Whoa! Wait a minute. You mean that the low man on the totem pole had servants who helped him to do what God had called him to do? Actually, most people of wealth or authority in the old testament had servants, but I was fascinated to see that Gideon had servants as well.

Now most people in our culture do not employ people to serve their households. But did you know that you do have servants! Hebrews 1:14 (Amplified) says, "Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants) sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?" We are kings and priests of the Most High God and just as all kings have servants, we too have been provided servants, the angels of God! And just like Gideon, God wants us to utilize our angels to assist us in accomplishing the things God has called us to do. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to begin exploring and discovering how we can use God's angels as servants! How about you?

~Dr. Matt

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