Mama and I were having a conversation about vacations. I made a remark about not knowing why we never got to take vacations like everyone else. I would hear other children talk about their walks on the beach and just being with family. In my mind I had never had a vacation like that.

My mama went on to say, "Your daddy would just take off and go to the mountains." What that meant, we would go to the mountains and come right back. Mama said, "Daddy thought he was really doing something by just riding up there and coming back."

I had no idea why my parents did what they did. I would ask for things and the only answer I got was no. I had resentment and really didn't know it until mama and I talked. I remember telling her, "Oh, that was why!"

I had prayed myself to a place to where I could hear it and not get mad. It was like a light bulb came on. It was the way I perceived it, which is rooted in wrong thinking.

I know this has hindered my walk with God, but as I continue to pursue truth, the truth will set me free. I'm talking to you, too. The ones with pain from our past. It's time to release that and move on.

We have to be willing for Him to show us the truth as we are able to bear it. In your mind you may be saying, "It's just a little thing."
It's the little things that can hinder our faith. What other areas have you had wrong thinking in?

~Tammy Sanders
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