Open Doors

Recently, I had an experience that could have harmed me. You see, I opened a door for someone I didn’t know. Now, I know you’re thinking, “You dummy, why did you do that?” I’ll explain. I thought this person looked familiar. So that made it okay, right? WRONG. Just when I was going to close the door, it was too late. The person seized that opportunity to come right on in. While I’m referring to something in the natural, God showed me later on the danger of opening doors in the spirit.

Once I opened the door, even the tiniest bit, it was like my mind was in a foggy state. Even though I had been taught what to do, I couldn’t think clearly. I did have a brief thought of what could happen to me, but that was it. I couldn’t remember what to do if my life depended on it, quite literally. So here I was, wide open for the enemy to take advantage of me. While God wants to protect me, He couldn’t. He told me, “Even if something bad happened to you that day, I could do nothing because YOU gave the enemy authority to come in!” Ouch! If I had kept the door shut, God could have helped me because I was doing what I knew to do.

I can’t tell you how many times I have replayed this scenario in my mind. I was mad at myself for carelessly leaving the door open to something that could have had dire consequences. The enemy used someone who looked familiar to deter me. It wasn’t someone in a red suit screaming, “I’m the enemy! Let me in!” I let my guard down. Familiarity can be a dangerous thing, my friend. How many times have you left the door open to something in your life? Maybe you wouldn’t do what I did, but how many times have you let a negative thought float through your mind without using the authority God has given you as a believer? That’s a door the enemy can come in to wreak havoc in your life! How long have you been in bondage as a result of your unwillingness to forgive? That’s another door the enemy is free to come in.

Please take the time to close ALL of the doors to the enemy. One momentary lapse in judgment could set you up for lots of heartache and despair. Next time you get attacked by the enemy seemingly out of nowhere, think again. Usually, we have quit doing something we know to do. Ask God to reveal the areas you need to shut the door to the enemy-even the hidden places. If you take care of things now, you won’t be beating yourself up like I did.

One thing is certain, now each time I see a door; it’s a constant reminder of how the enemy can so easily come in.

~Madison Sanders

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