My Salvation

I gave my life to the Lord in July 1973. Leading up to my conversion I had been doing drugs for five years. My life was a mess, and my mind pretty burned out. I got introduced to drugs my second day in Vietnam. I was raised in a Christian home. In my teen years I was filled with rebellion. I wanted to live my own life with my own rules. I was an easy target for satan's control. The devil loves it when we rebel against God'sauthority.

In the 1960's and 1970's our culture, especially our teenagers were open to rebellion against all authority. It was a time of sex, drugs, and rock n roll. I liked the hippy culture. I let my hair grow down to my shoulders, went to rock concerts and did drugs. I was so crazy.  I would do anything. Uppers, downers, cocaine, herion, acid, pot, or whatever came along.

When we cast off following God's authority it leads to misery and destruction. I was searching for peace and joy through gratifying my flesh. I would find it, but only for a short time. Then I would be left with guilt, condemnation, and turmoil inside. I was ready for a change. A friend invited me to church. He had gotten saved and was praying for me. In fact, he had been coming to my house at 2 and 3 a.m., praying on my porch.

He really wanted me to get saved. I went to church for a couple of Sundays. My wife got saved the first time we went. She and my friends were always smiling and seemed to have so much peace.The week before I got saved I bought a pound of pot. I had sold most of it by Friday. The devil was trying his best to keep a hold on my life. Sunday morning I gave my heart to the Lord.

I remember the more I cried the better I felt. God lifted all the sin, guilt, and shame off my life. I have never been the same since. Its been forty years walking in His grace. I wish I could say my walk is perfect., but its not. Salvation is an on going process. A lot of people think Christians are perfect without any failures. We are not perfect, but God is perfecting our lives day by day as we yield to him.

~Ricky Robinson

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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