The Manifestation

While driving by an orchard, I noticed the peaches were ripening. I've been going by this orchard every week for months now. The peaches were there all the time, just not quite ready for picking. Holy Ghost was telling me that's just like us. We cannot see the progress we've made until the right time. Much preparation has to be done before the ripening begins. The soil of our hearts has to be prepared. We have to water our spirit with the Word so that we will produce good fruit. We also have to be pruned, which is everyone's least favorite part. As painful as it may be, pruning is a necessary part of growth.

Andy Coker made a powerful statement a few weeks ago about getting back to prayer. I made up my mind then that I needed to push on into prayer. So, I decided to start getting up and spending that extra time with God every day.  Just when we think nothing is happening, the results of the hard work (prayer, fasting, worshiping, and spending time with the Lord) causes changes in our lives. You can't spend time with God and NOT be changed! One day, the manifestation happens, bringing forth much fruit in our lives. 

If your fruit hasn't ripened yet, don't get discouraged and quit. Keep going to the house of God and fellowshipping with your company because you will gain strength from those around you. Your fruit will come forth!

~Tammy Sanders 

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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