The Journey of Trust

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." ~John 8:32 (Amp)

Here at Gateway we work on building relationships with each other. What is the importance of building a relationship with those you fellowship with? For me, it is building up trust with those I work with and interact with. As a child, I was considered too trusting in people, mainly adults and those older than me. I believed in them and what they said. They were older, and they were supposed to protect the younger generation.

Over the years many, many things happened to cause me to change that outlook. I remember one instance when I went to a good friend of mines house a few blocks down. We were living in Dayton, Ohio in Wright Patterson Air Force Base housing at the time. This friend and I were in middle school/junior high together. I was at her house a lot. This one particular time, her older, high school, brother called me to come into the dining room. I can’t remember what for. We were upstairs, and I had been alone with him in rooms before so there wasn’t any reason to question anything this time. When I came into the room, he cornered me and tried to take advantage of me. I hollered, and he let me up. I never went into a room alone with him again. Trust in men was diminishing. I found myself trying to second-guess motives in people, but mainly men. My whole life has been full of episodes where the men in my life could not be trusted. You could not depend on them to keep their word and do what they said that they would do.

When I was pregnant with my first son, my husband and I lived in a small trailer that we rented from the father of a good friend of mine here in the county I live in now. I went camping with them. I spent summers with them. Well, when I kicked my husband out for cheating, I decided that I would move in with my parents. I was about 8 months along. Well, my landlord, who was a deacon in his church, came to me to and said that we could come up with some type of an arrangement so that I can stay with him. I was shocked because this man was a deacon in his church. People who go to church are not supposed to do things like that. Secondly, I was shocked because I was eight months pregnant and married. Thirdly, I was shocked because my parents raised me differently than that and for him to assume I would do such a things was appalling! Needless to say, I moved out but not until after my son was born.

The Word is preached and taught each time the doors open at Gateway. The truth that God wants us to know so that we can be set free is not sugar coated, watered down, or altered to be digestible to those in the congregation. It is the truth of the WORD that GOD wants us to know. For me, I desire the truth. I hate it when people run around the bush in trying to get a point across. In order for me to grow as a person, I need the truth. Do I trust completely? Not by a long shot. I can say that I trust more now than I did before I started to attend Gateway. As long as I continue to move forward,  I will learn to trust more and to grow into what God wants for me.

It is the truth of His Word that will make you free and cause you to grow and carry out your destiny in the Kingdom of God. It is His truth that will help you get through the hard times that we all go through at some point in time. I'm still working through my trust issues, but God is faithful to complete the work He has started in me!

~Ronda Sullivan

   Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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