It's All In The Attitude

[filefield-fileurl]An attitude of prayer is not prayer. Singing praises is not prayer. Prayer is prayer.  A few months ago, Holy Ghost began to deal with me about this.  As I examined myself, I realized that I was spending plenty of time singing and praising God, but I wasn’t actually spending quality time actually praying. 

This seeking time I have devoted my ride to work, which is usually filled with the tunes of MercyMe or Casting Crowns, to spending this quiet time in prayer.  The first day was exciting; however, by the end of the workday, I had decided that I needed the ride home to be devoted to prayer also.  I am fully aware that the enemy comes to steal and destroy, but I was in total distress over the things the enemy had thrown at me, and it was only the first day!  As seeking time has continued, so has my morning commute prayer time.  Each day brings a new challenge, but I am taking it one battle at a time.  I cannot win every battle with the enemy on my own, but I can give it my all and God will take care of the rest. 


~Christi Duncan

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