Identity Crisis

I am watching students dismiss to their buses and to car rider. I notice that so many of them seem to be wearing the same hairstyle, mainly boys. I tend to notice them more since I have two of my own. I was fascinated with the fact that the styles they were wearing are the same as when my son went through middle school about ten years ago. Then, I started thinking about how they will change again once they go into their high school years.

It was quickened in my spirit, in the hallway of a middle school, that these young people are trying to find themselves or their identity. They try new things, wear different things, act differently, etc. just trying to find their identity and fit in at the same time. How many of us are still guilty of searching for our identity and trying to fit in to some point? I know I have been guilty of it, even at the age I am now. Let’s face it, these feelings do not end when we graduate high school, college, or have a successful career. It is human nature to want to fit in. What seems to be coming to the surface is that I DO fit in! I just do not fit in with the IN crowd. I fit into the plan that God has for me. Do I know that plan in its fullness or completeness? Not by a long shot! I have a lot more pruning and mulching to do before I even begin to reach the peak of what God has planned for my life.

Some days I feel as if I am going nowhere fast because my steps are small and not very noticeable. I think back to when I was new in my walk with God. I was looking for my identity then, too. I hung out with people from church only, starting acting and dressing similar to them, but I was never myself. Instead of patterning after what God wanted me to, I was patterning things off of what my friends suggested. I had a fire for God, but I also had a desire to fit in. I wanted to be someone important, special, and feel valued. I look back now and see how things and circumstances have taken my friends out, but yet I am here. Why? I have asked myself that question a lot over the years. The only thing that comes to me is that I want to be part of something REAL, a part of something worth fighting for. At Gateway, I have come through a lot of obstacles that were designed to take me out, but they did not! I am moving forward even though it may not look like it. I am still moving and striving to fulfill my destiny and to understand my identity in Christ. I will not quit. I will not give in! Growing up, my dad always told me that Chapman’s NEVER quit. I think he had to pound that in me because my nature was to give in and let others and circumstances win when they shouldn’t. Little did he know, that he was shaping my identity in a positive way so that I could fulfill my destiny. Trust me, he was not spiritual back then! He made sure that we went to church but I do not remember him ever going.

A wonderful woman of God gave me a list of scriptures that show me who I am in Christ. Philippians 2:5, 1 Corinthians 2:16-“I have the mind of Christ”

Colossians 2:10- “I am complete in Him Who is the Head of all principality and power.”

Romans 8:17- “I am a joint-heir with Christ”

1 Peter 2:9- “I am part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people.”

Philippians 4:13- “I can do all things through Christ Jesus”

These are just a few scriptures on that list that are helping me to shape my identity, to help me see who I am in Christ. These are for you as well. What God has for one He has for ALL!

~Ronda Sullivan

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