I Have a Right to Praise Him!


Have you ever wondered, “What right do I have to praise God?” Maybe you do not have to deal with thoughts like that. I know I have had to deal with this myself throughout my walk. How could I possibly praise Him when I mess up so often and do a good job when I do?

The other morning, about 3:00 am, I couldn’t sleep. I decided to pray in tongues and worship. During my time of worship, these words bubbled up into my head, “You have a right to praise Him.” Like many of you, I have sang that song over and over many times during worship. Like a lot of people, I was singing the song and not really letting the words register into my spirit. During this prayer time, IT REGISTERED!

My right to praise is not based on my being good enough. If so, I would never be able to praise Him because I will never be good enough. My right to praise Him comes from the fact that I am HIS CHILD because I have received HIS SON as my Lord and Savior.

Because of what Jesus did for me on the Cross and my believing in that and receiving Him as my Lord and Savior GIVES ME THE RIGHT TO PRAISE HIM! I have been adopted into the FAMILY OF GOD!

~Ronda Sullivan

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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