Give Me, Give Me, Give Me

I remember being in Walmart and hearing a kid scream "give me, give me, give me!" I wondered if I ever sound that way to my Heavenly Father. One day I had been in prayer. I stopped and started going over what I had been saying. I had been talking to God like I was a kid sitting on santa's knee. There had been no thankfulness or worship in my prayer time. Daniel was thrown in a den of lions for praying. I bet he hadn't been praying for a camel upgrade. Can't you see Joseph when he was in the pit praying for shoes to match his coat of many colors?

One of the many things that impresses me at Gateway Believers Fellowship is the corporate prayer time. The selflessness and maturity in the prayers has challenged me to grow in my own prayer life. I want to come to God with need, not greed. I desire to show God my gratitude and not attitude. I still ask for some of the material things I desire. My main priority is to come with adoration and worship.

~Connnie Robinson

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