Gardening 101

I  was raised on a farm. We had a large family of eight, and I was the oldest. My father taught me how to garden, and we got up early to work in the fields. When I got off of the school bus, I would have a snack, change my clothes, and head to the garden. I wanted to play with my friends or watch TV. My father wanted me to learn and work. I remember lying down in the field and yelling "I hate farming!" When I grew up and had a family of my own, I missed those fresh vegetables. Now as an adult, I am glad I went through the hard process of learning to farm.

I like Jesus's parable of the seed. He describes four types of soil. A fruitful garden begins with good ground. That is true in both natural and spiritual growth. We must learn to culivate our lives in order to be productive and fruitful in our christian walk. Before a seed can germinate and produce fruit , the soil has to be prepared. Our lives, like soil, has to be conditioned to obtain optimum results. We have weeds, rocks, and thorns in our lives that need to be removed so that the seed can take root and grow.

There is nothing better than fresh vegetables. A bountiful garden is something to be proud of. The rewards are many. I have learned in order for the (seed) Word of God to work and produce fruit in my life, I had to be willing to cultivate my soil. Is your life unproductive? It may be time to dig your soil. It will be hard work. The Lord will be glorified as others benefit from your fruitfulness.

~Ricky Robinson

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