Don't Wait To Celebrate

Those things you don't celebrate and give God the glory for you will lose. Recently, James and I were talking about things that were happening that we knew it was God. We really didn't tell anyone, which is the first mistake we made. Shortly after that a lot of stressful things started happening to the point that all my focus was on the negative. The second mistake was not celebrating those great things God was doing in our life at the time, no matter how great or how small.

I focused so much on the negative that I couldn't remember what God had done even though it was recently. That is just sad people, especially since I know better.

 We are supposed to put God first in everything even in the stressful moments, but I failed to do that. Every time you experience God moving in your life or you have been blessed in some way, share it with some one. One person is better than keeping it to yourself. Our victories and testimonies are always someone's answered prayer to help them believe or walk out something in their life.

One way James and I were blessed was we have a post office box that we got when we were married 13 years ago and we use it for most of our important mail because we just felt it was safer. Well, every year we have to renew it and pay the cost to use it. When I went in to make my payment, the lady told me some one had already paid it. I just assumed it was a mistake so I had the lady to double check and she said,"There's no  mistake, it's been paid." I have no clue who paid that fee, but I am giving God the glory because as small as it may seem to some it was a big deal to us!!! Recognizing a blessing big or small is very important to your walk with God!

~ Michelle Parrish

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