Company Is Coming

[filefield-fileurl]Recently we got a call from some of our friends saying they would like to come by for a visit. They were coming for the weekend from out of town. We were excited about them coming to see us! My wife and I began to prepare with anticipation. We desired to make their visit a good one. We were going to try our best to see that it was enjoyable and relaxing for them! They were to arrive Friday and stay untill Sunday evening.

Thank God my wife is a good planner. I, on the other hand, am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. She got out a piece of paper and began to make lists. She made lists for meals, activities, and of course house cleaning. 

Did I mention my wife made lists? One of them was "house cleaning." You know how it is. We let clutter stack up. Clothes are in a pile in the corner. The refrigerator has all kinds of leftovers to be tossed out. Bed linens are to be changed. Guest bath is waiting to be cleaned. The list goes on. We get comfortable and let things slide untill there's a mess we don't desire company to see. 

As I reflected on what we had done to get ready for our friends arrival, Holy Spirit ministered to me about clutter in my personal life. There were things I needed to "clean up." 

It's a good feeling when you are all prepared. It relieves all pressure or stress. Everybody loves a clean house. with everything done and in order, all you have to do then is sit and wait for the doorbell to ring and invite your guest in.

Jesus is coming. Eph. 5:27 tells us He is coming for a glorious church, not having wrinkle or any such thing. But that it should be holy and without blemish. It's time for us, the church, to live in anticipation of His coming. We need to live each day with our house in order, ready for His habitation. 


~Ricky Robinson

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