Beware the Rogue of Apathy

Sitting there 

In your chair
Restfully watching T.V. 
Never seeing
The ruthless being
Poised to strike on thee
His master stealth
 Will steal your health
While you bow your knee
But unaware,
you continue to stare
as you're seduced by Apathy

The passion fades, 
the heart turns jade,
"Who cares" is what you say

The Rogue has struck
and like a duck
you peacefully swim away

Away from the drive
that kept you alive, 
Pursuing the Master's way

But now you are sapped
Is there no going back?
To the passion which does not sway

Ouch! What was that?
It was worse than a pat,
My brother just used his melee

The truth, it did hurt
Wow, look at the dirt
How long have I been this way?

You were easy prey
as you played yesterday
for the vile Rogue, Apathy.

In hopes that I might
alter your plight,
I loved with no sympathy

For I really need you
To always stay true
To the path of your destiny.

Beware the stealth 
that steals your wealth,
for he will be back today.

But keep up the fight
and with your new sight,
you'll claim the new victory!

~Dr. Matt

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