Are You Lost?

Have you ever been lost? Men are often accused of being stubborn when it comes to asking for directions. I heard a joke about Moses. Someone said, " It would have been a shorter trip for Israel if Moses would have asked for directions."I have always had a pretty good sense of direction. I was raised in the country. We use to play in the woods. It is easy to get turned around when surounded by dense foliage. In fact a group of us would play in the woods at night, but I never got lost.

We came down to visit my daughter when she lived on Lake Hartwell. My son-in-law asked if I would go with him to drop off the jet ski. He was going to drive it back to the dock at their house. It was August and very hot. I told him I would ride the jet ski, and he could drive the truck back. It was only a five minute ride by water. I saw this island and told him I was going to ride over to it and then come to the dock.

I took off to the island and was going around, but the water was too shallow. I went back around and headed for the landing where he dropped me off. I got to the boat landing and headed for his dock. I got around the bend, things looked differently. I didn't reconize any of the land marks I was familiar with, nothing but open water. I went back to the boat ramp and decided to wait on my son-in-law. Like I said, it was August and very hot. I was only wearing a bathing suit. I waited for hours getting hotter and dehydrated. Surely my son-in-law would come back to see what had happen to me. I began to think what an idiot he was, didn't he know I was where he dropped me off.

After four hours I decided to walk back to their house. I was barefoot. The road was Hatten Ford, so I knew I was going right. I had to walk on the grass because the pavement was unbearablely hot. I walked about two miles and couldn't find the house. I knew I was lost. I needed help. I went to this house this man came to my rescue. He gave me a glass of cold water and offered to call my family.

I didn't know the phone number, but I did remember my daughter said it spelled frog-arm. He dialed,but the number didn't go through. I told them they lived here in Hartwell. He told me I was in S.C. What? How? He said, "when they flooded Lake Hartwell it had took out part of Hatten Ford Rd." He dialed the GA. area code, got my son-in-law who gave him directions to come get me. Five minutes by water, but thirty minutes by road. I was so very relieved when they came to pick me up.

Being lost is the most helpless, lonely and despairing feeling. No hope, destitute, not knowing what to do, where to turn, or where to go. If you have not excepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior thats where you stand with God. God loves you and wants to rescue you. He gave us his Son to be our Savior. Ask Him to save you and you will never be lost for all eternity.

~Ricky Robinson

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