PRAISE REPORT: 2/1/17 - The Power of Prayer

I had a new medication added to address one of the medical conditions that I am overcoming. The side effects have not been terribly bad, but one of the hardest effects has been what I characterize has a panic attack.

I woke up Feb 1st and felt my chest tightening and heart pounding and began to pray. The praying helped, but it didn’t go away.

It got much worse in the afternoon, so I called the church office and asked Anessa to pray and agree with me in prayer that the panic attack and its source would STOP. Anessa prayed over the phone and, as she was praying, the tightening of my chest ceased, my heart stopped pounding, and a peace replaced all the symptoms. I was delivered from that panic attack and have not had another one since that time! PRAISE GOD! He is the Deliverer!

~ Vickie Bowman

Image Credit: Shout © Charlie Balch via

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