Keep Making Me

When I was young in the Lord, I wanted revenge on my enemies. Now that I am more mature in Him I want mercy and forgiveness on those who have done me wrong.

I want it for them because God had mercy on me. What if you or I are the one person that can lead someone to God?

What if?

God help us. God help me to remain humble before you. Help me, so I can be used.

They spat in Your face, called you names, and then crucified You. You were love made flesh.  

Help us, Lord to be just like You.  A God of love that’s who You are. That’s what we are called to. A person of love. A disciple of love.

When these people come to us, help us to listen just as You listened to us. Give us eyes to see, to know as You know. Give us wisdom to give the answer they need to hear.

Lord, keep making me into Your image.              

 ~ Tammy Sanders

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