A Familiar Tune

You’ve been this way so long

You don’t think anything is wrong

Day by day things have been taken away – joy, peace, love, patience, longsuffering, laughter, healing


Until one day you finally wake up –

One day you say, “This is enough!”


What happened to that person I used to be?

What happened?

What happened to Christ in me?


You see, I had been listening to the lies of the enemy’s song

You’ll never change

You’ve been this way too long


But, my friend, this is not the end

God knows my beginning and He knows my ending


There are promises from God on the inside of me just waiting to be set free. God had a plan from my birth. He made a way when there seemed to be none. God’s not finished with you or me yet. Our focus must be kept on Him. Our prayers must be rooted in the Word. We must continue to pray in tongues. That is the key to our destiny and how to reveal Christ in me!


~ Tammy Sanders


Image Credit: Sheet Music 2 © Ted C. via freeimages.com

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