Come Alive!

I listened to Lauren Daigle’s song “Come Alive” (Dry Bones) the other day. I have heard it before, but I heard it with different ears this time.

As children of God, WE have authority to speak to situations in our lives. We can speak to our bodies. We can speak to pain – emotional and physical. We can speak to hearts that are dead.

What does Lauren mean by dead hearts? To me, it means hearts that are just hanging on. Your heart may be faintly beating. Your heart may not be connected to the Vine anymore. You have allowed the enemy to beat you up with lies time after time.

It’s okay. There is hope! One breath from God can restore you. I ask God to breathe on me afresh and anew today. I ask God to breathe on His church once again.

I speak to the hopeless – Come alive!

I speak to the broken – Come alive!

I speak to the ones who feel unworthy – Come alive!

Let the winds of God blow on you and bring you together once more. You are part of God’s army! He needs you!  You have a voice that I don’t have. Come alive so His Kingdom can be all He’s destined for it to be!


~ Madison Sanders


Image Credit: Wind Mills © Antonio Ferreira via

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