Boat Season

~ Matthew 14:33 “Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him, saying of a truth, thou art the son of God.”

It is that time of year. I see boats heading to the lake. This brings to my mind a boat story found in the Bible. You can read it in chapter fourteen of the book of Matthew.

Jesus had just fed the 5000 men and unnumbered women and children. He then instructs the disciples to get in a boat and go to the other side of the lake.  As a matter of fact, the word he used was “straightway.” That means immediately, without loss of time.

Later on in the story, Jesus comes to them, by way of walking on the water.  Peter steps out of the boat to meet him. What an amazing act of faith. I wondered about the other disciples who stayed on the boat. I picture them standing there with both eyes and mouths wide open in amazement.

I don’t think it was just lack of faith that kept them too from stepping out into the water. I feel that their mindset had a lot to do with it also.  They had never seen anyone walking on water before, so it couldn’t be done, right?  Wrong. Jesus would not have told them to “come” if it were not possible.

This was an instruction to transition. It was much more than going from standing in a boat to standing in water. Transition is the process of changing from one state or condition to another. I would have felt more comfortable with keeping wood under my feet had I been on the boat that day. 

We have to remember that although the other disciples didn’t practice as much faith as Peter, they did get in the boat in obedience. Multitudes had stayed on the shore. A lot of them had taken their fish plates and gone home. 

I feel that in my own spiritual walk with The Lord, I have not yet reached the water-walking stage. But, I also am not at a place of looking back to the shore, longing for the days of dry land living. He has called me to come, and I am in a time of transition. I refuse to be where I was ten years, five years, even one year ago. If you are on the shore, find a church with a boat mentality and get aboard. Listen for the time when He will call you to come. Then follow Him right into your destiny.

~ Connie Robinson

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