Being Intentional

Ever since I heard a song during our CHOSEN Youth Camp about being intentional, I’ve been thinking about it. Intentional means done on purpose, deliberate. 

God was intentional, so I should be, too. He knew His purpose and His actions and words always lined up with it. 

T Singleton, a phenomenal teacher at our church said, “Proof of my love for God is what I do with what He gave me.”

Some questions I have asked myself are: Am I being intentional in my walk with God? Am I loving Him intentionally? In other words, am I making an effort to spend time with him and talk with Him?

Am I being intentional with the gifts He gave me? Am I using them to help His kingdom or further my own goals?

Am I loving and serving others WITH purpose? These are all things that I am pondering in my heart, and I invite you to do the same.

God doesn’t want us to just go through the motions. He wants us to be driven by something deep inside of us.

Another interesting thing I found out is willing is another word for intentional. When you do something intentionally, you WANT to do it. So, another way of saying what T Singleton said is: The evidence that I love God is measured by how willing I am to do what He wants me to do.

That isn’t the easiest pill to swallow, is it?

Lord, give us all a heart that longs to serve you. Help me to be willing to do things that are uncomfortable so others can know you. Help me to make the necessary adjustments in my heart and mind so that living with intention is not hard. I want it to become second nature. Amen.

~ Madison Sanders


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