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Anessa & Eric Back
Praise and Worship Leader, Elder

My husband, Eric, and I have been married for 18 years. I lead worship, serve in the Teen Ministry and work part-time at the church office. I also work part-time at an accounting firm in Atlanta. Eric manages all the IT work, maintains Gateway’s website, does the design and layout of The Celebration, and serves as a sound engineer on the Praise Team. Eric works in Anderson, SC as a CAD Engineer.

In 1995, we felt God calling us to leave Atlanta and move to rural Northeast Georgia. After attending a home-led Bible Study for a year, we were invited to visit Gateway. “I’ll never forget my first Sunday morning service,” Anessa says. “Apostle David stepped behind the pulpit and apologized to the congregation. He said that the Lord had showed him a truth in the Bible that was contrary to what he had been teaching. I don’t remember what that doctrinal correction was, but I was marked by the humility of a man who would repent before his congregation and change when he knew he was wrong. That was 1996 and I’ve been here every time the doors are open since that day.